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VOLO Starts Adopting TeamPulse Project Management Software
26 Apr, 2013

VOLO Starts Adopting TeamPulse Project Management Software

With the goal to increase the effectiveness of work and to align with the strategy for 2013, VOLO has started the process of adopting TeamPluse Project Management Software of Telerik. 
TeamPluse is a project management solution based on Agile best practices. It allows us to manage requirements&bugs, plan releases and track the progress while keeping the whole team constantly connected.

The advantages of the TeamPulse software are straightforward:

  • Full compability with Scrum, Kanban or other processes

    TeamPulse meets the needs regardless of the process used.

  • Unique integration with MS TFS

    Bi-directional synchronization is offered between TeamPulse and TFS 2008, 2010, 2012 and Team Foundation Service.

  • Industry-first Agile Best Practices Analyzer 

    The integrated Agile Best Practices Analyzer and guidance system enables delivery of better software in a shorter time.

  • Complete multi-project view 

    Without having to go to multiple screens in TeamPulse developers can see all their tasks in one place, and managers can see the progress across different projects and people.

  • Dashboards that zoom in on what's important

    With a single glance one can see if any project is going to be late, if there are any late stories or blocking bugs, issues or risks and much more.

  • Online Customer Feedback Portal

    Allows capture feedback from external stakeholders and then integrate it into the development process.

  • Frictionless Time Tracking

    TeamPulse Time Tracking supports the workflow and allows to easily report time with just a few clicks, wherever one is in the tool.

  • Single place for all conversations tasks and files

    While having a central location for all tasks, files and conversations is important for the collaboration in any team, it’s vital for distributed teams.

  • Offers tight integration with Telerik's automated Test Studio

    It allows to ensure that all  requirements are properly defined in TeamPulse, and then automatically tested in Test Studio and finally all bugs are captured & managed effectively again in TeamPulse.

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