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Here’s What’s Cooking in Our Crucible

Volo opens a new office in Odessa
28 Mar, 2017

Volo is Opening a New Black Sea Kitchen

We are expanding and we are excited. In order to keep up with our global hunt for talent exclusively from the top ten percent, we are opening another office, otherwise known as a kitchen in Odessa, Ukraine. As one of the leading hubs for IT innovation in a country that is known for exceptional IT talent, we’re thrilled with Odessa’s potential to be a transformation base for our clients.

Built on the idea that top talent is best utilized within the context of small, hyper-connected teams, Volo is creating a global network of “kitchens” that are becoming the premier places for top talent to work in each city that we’re in. This will be Volo’s third kitchen in Ukraine, following to the ones in engineering hubs Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro.  

“Our clients are coming to us for world-changing solutions. With the launch of our new kitchen in Odessa, a city with a long history of cultivating brilliant minds, we’re excited to unleash the next generation of great innovators there on some of the most challenging projects on the planet,” says Matt Bartelsian, Volo’s Business Development and Partnerships Director.

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