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Mobidram and Volo disrupt the payment market
02 May, 2017

Mobidram and Volo disrupt the payment market.

Volo has recently taken the mobile-payment platform to a whole new level by baking world-first features into Mobidram, MTS’s market-leading mobile payment app.  Originally a web-based payment platform, Volo has now taken it to a mobile platform with Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.  Along the way we’ve baked in some of the world’s first features like near-real-time micro-loan capabilities.

“This is a disruptive concept for emerging markets. No longer low-income users are blocked from having access to credit cards. With Mobidam they’ve got near-instant access to credit,” says Armen Kocharyan, Volo’s CEO.

Mobidram, a subsidiary of MTS, one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, is a global trend leader in the mobile payment space, offering a full featured mobile payment platform and wallet.

“Volo has been an integral partner in helping us launch ground-breaking innovation on the market,” says Kim Avannesyan, Mobidram’s General Manager.

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