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05 Oct, 2017

TradeCloud is Digitizing the Commodities Trading Business with a Platform Developed by VOLO

TradeCloud, the next generation digital metals trading platform, has just taken another big step in digitizing the commodities industry. They have just launched an online communication platform that was developed by VOLO.

Over the past 9 months, VOLO has been working intimately with TradeCloud to develop a communication platform that modernizes and simplifies the metals industry, while at the same time making it more transparent.
"Together, we have produced a platform that's very innovative, yet familiar and simple to use at the same time. Volo really bought into the whole concept and have been a very innovative partner throughout the process," says Matthew Botell, co-founder of TradeCloud.

"TradeCloud's new platform is here to change the way deals are facilitated in the industry and we feel proud to have been a part of this," says Armen Kocharyan, VOLO's CEO.

TradeCloud is destined to become the platform of choice for metals professionals everywhere and features innovative functionality that will provide clients a secure and recorded environment to communicate on a multi-channel basis.
TradeCloud will be free to all registered members up until at least December 31, 2017.
You can register on the platform via TradeCloud website.

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