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5 Tech Trends
18 Jan, 2018

What are the Five Hottest Tech Trends of 2018

In an industry that is always on fast-forward mode, it’s easy for CTOs to follow the trends as they come and go. Real value comes from powerful innovation. Here is a quick look at what trend creators and industry innovators are focusing on in 2018.

1. Going Big in Big Data

The fact that Business is ever more dependent on data is old news. However, how smart are you in managing the immense volume and complex nature of your data?

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) of leading companies have recognized the need to not only utilize the Big Data, but use it smartly. They are already applying a more aggressive approach to exploit data to the maximum. The itch to innovate with data has already shifted the nature of big data trends from scientific to practical to provide support for day-to-day business operations. This new trend has already increased the demand for data engineers as opposed to data scientists.

2. Why industry leaders should be extra-careful in selecting AI partners?

In its Research Report “Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon for AI is over”, Forrester reveals that after the initial hype of embracing AI, businesses have realized that Artificial Intelligence means a lot of hard work.
But with partnering the right company, AI could be the very promise of pivoting your business correctly. According to the Harvard Business Review, AI could be the cure to self-generated problems – cutting-edge AI, that is.

3. IoT in 2018: Year of Growth

We’ve begun the year with smarter vacuum cleaners and IoT connected home electronics being the norm, ready for mass production. What’s next for IoT in 2018? How much more digital can our devices and appliances get?
IoT connectivity platforms—tones of sensors connected to the cloud for continuous data stream – will ensure the steady growth of IoT in 2018. In its Research “Predictions 2018: IoT Moves from Experimentation to Business Scale”, Forrester Research predicts that businesses across all vertical markets will measure their customer value through IoT, and IoT infrastructure will shift to the edge and specialized platforms.
Moreover, IoT will be backed with new European guidelines issued to encourage the use of advanced technology and data commercialization.

4. Blockchain is Closer to You than Ever

Blockchain has made a pledge to change industries beyond financial transactions. Throughout this year, we will witness the realization of the technology’s potential in government, FinTech, supply chain, healthcare, education, and more.
We will watch companies adopt a more practical approach to blockchain. This requires not only enterprise-grade experience in understanding the business issue, but also a solid architecture, intense cybersecurity and cryptography, efficiency in implementation, and transparency.

5. Human-Centered Innovation Really Matters

In 2018, Human-Centered Innovation – developing solutions that stay focused on the human perspective and involve people in the innovation process – will take center stage to the point where an increasing number of academies and institutions will follow the lead of Stanford University to power their innovation hubs by human-centered, empathy-informed processes.
The most innovative products that are being created in 2018 are induced not only by clever data gathering, but also by their teams’ deep understanding of human nature and behavior.

Are these tech trends stirring you to up your game, start innovating, and increase your company’s competitive advantage? Volo’s team is making bigger things happen for Fortune 200 companies and can help you accelerate your innovation. Learn More.

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