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13 Feb, 2018

GROW Labs: Volo Might be the Perfect Partner for Any Company in The Netherlands Willing to Build Cutting-Edge IT Products

In the last couple of years, Volo lived through an exciting expansion by going global and making our radically innovative development accessible for more and more industries on the lookout for the next best thing.

Aiming at helping industry leaders and cutting-edge startups in Europe get a significant competitive advantage, Volo have partnered with GROW Labs, the Dutch company that connects businesses to some of the best development teams across the globe.

Recently, we had the pleasure to host the GROW Labs team in our offices in Armenia and to show them the company culture and work ethics that make Volo what it is – an exceptional innovation powerhouse architecting groundbreaking solutions for industry leaders worldwide.

GROW Labs were able to witness firsthand the behind the scene actions that keep us in shape for a continuous delivery of innovation – our team, company culture and values, and the ethos of over-delivering on innovation.

Following to their visit to Armenia, the company featured Volo in an article titled “A Day in Volo”, describing Volo’s company culture, and the ability to over deliver on every project. “We were thrilled to dive into [Volo’s] outstanding company culture, and to discover what an empowered, committed, and inspiring team they built,” read the GROW Labs article.

GROW Labs then features Volo’s team skills that play a critical role in building trustful relationships with each client or partner: “Volo’s company culture lays on two essential pillars: meritocracy and innovation. Not only does Volo focus on hard skills and IT knowledge, but they also tackle each hire’s soft skills, such as humility and intelligence, referred to as ‘bright minds’”.

At Volo, all 200+ project that we’ve completed for our clients, have one common feature: we keep our promise of over-delivering on innovation and building enterprise-grade products. “Spending a day at their office, interacting with these ‘bright minds’, indeed convinced us that Volo might be the perfect IT-partner for any company located in The Netherlands willing to build cutting-edge IT products,” noted GROW Labs.

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