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Ongoing Innovation
09 Apr, 2018

Three Things to Focus on for an Ongoing Software Innovation Process

We all read stories of life-changing innovation coming out of thin air, tales of exceptionally gifted people having their eureka moments. However, little do we know that innovation can be achieved through discipline and a methodical approach.
At Volo, we have twelve years of world-class experience in generating innovative software solutions to problems. Here are the three most important things on which we focus:

Stay Customer-focused
Getting deep, real-world insights into the market context and the business issue of the desired solutions is a crucial step that needs to lead the innovation process quickly and cost-efficiently. Afterwards, it must be followed by incorporating customer insight into solution development.

After all, software companies innovate to help their customers attain a strategic advantage in the marketplace, and advantage most often comes via customer insight.

Be Process-focused
Maybe you can rely on the next great idea happening in the shower, but that Is far less promising way for ensuring innovation. Over the long term, companies that find a way to systematize innovation are the ones that succeed.

There are different ways to do this, but creating your own continuous process of innovating should be allocated its own fair share of time and other creative resources to make sure that innovation is not left to luck, and that the software company is able to generate customer-centric innovative solutions on every single project.
Therefore, a disciplined, strategically-focused innovation process will keep the funnel functioning and bring the ideas to life.

Keep your Communication Agile-focused
Ideas take on a life on their own, and – more often than not – the best ones are very different at the end than when they began. Getting there requires ongoing, transparent communication with the customer all throughout the innovation process. Their input will help you shape your idea into a product that is not only innovative, but also capable of creating a breakthrough in the industry.

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