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16 Apr, 2018

The Most Promising Blockchain Startups You Need to Know About

Blockchain is a kind of technology that is developing and expanding at an incredible speed. Accordingly, the number of startups using it is also growing. As the competition gets tougher, startups try to find the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions (and industries for realization) to be able to stand their ground. 
Here are 5 of the most promising blockchain-based startups you need to know:

 1. Coinbase

It starts with the most basic and initial use of blockchain technology, i.e. the creation and use of digital currency. Offering a hyper-secure system, blockchain is a revolutionary solution for online transactions.  Coinbase is one of the most successful companies involved in this sphere, allowing merchants, consumers, and traders to transact with digital currency. Moreover, its users can create their own bitcoin wallets and start buying or selling bitcoins by connecting to their bank accounts. After the series D funding from IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), the total amount of investments in the company has summoned up to $225.3M.

2. Ripple

Ripple is the next influential startup using blockchain technology for offering a global real-time payment system that enables banks and financial institutions around the world to directly transact with each other without the need for a central correspondent. In addition to its main services, including FX Market Making, Ripple Insights features industry updates, insider perspectives, and in-depth market analysis. The total amount of funding for Ripple has reached $93.6M.

3. Circle

Circle is one of the blockchain startups trying to make it possible to send money around the world freely and easily using blockchain technology with Circle Pay. Circle Invest is the next service offered by which they’ve built a cryptocurrency investment product, enabling anyone to buy and sell crypto assets. Circle Trade, in its turn, offers OTC trading services. Their crypto trading desk provides one of the largest global liquidity pools for digital asset trading and averages $2B in monthly volume. So far, they have received $140 M in funding from investors.

4. Earn.com (formerly 21.co)

Blockchain technology has already expanded far past FinTech, and companies like Earn.com are a great proof of that. The model of Earn.com is to some extent a mini-revolution in the social sphere. It’s a so-called positive-sum social network, where every notification is an opportunity to earn money. Rather than posting something and hoping other people will like it, at Earn.com, you can complete tasks and reply to messages that others have paid to send.

5. Coral Health

Name an industry, and Blockchain can find its way to it in no time. Healthcare? Welcome to the new era of personalized medicine with healthcare blockchain service providers like Coral Health. Labs, insurance companies, health authorities and the like, can all have the customer base required for their part as soon as they are onboard the platform.

So, these were some of the most noteworthy and promising blockchain startups. Each of these companies has an endless number of competitors that are growing in number every day. To stand the test of time, they need to be extra firm and innovative.

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