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Worldwide Offices


We don’t play the average IT consultancy numbers game – big, bloated rosters full of mediocre (at best) developer talent. Nope. We’ve watched others do it and the results are ugly.

Instead, we are on an aggressive global treasure hunt for the absolute best talent on the planet. Which is why we are pushing hard to grow our global footprint. We only hire from the top 10% of the talent in every market, and more importantly, from a group we call THE SPECIALS – truly savant-level, extra-ordinary intellects.

We now have three offices in Armenia (two in Yerevan and one in Gyumri ), three offices in Ukraine, and one representative office in Japan. And that’s just for 2017. Watch out, World!

We’ve got world-class talent in the following locations:


    Stella Hovhannisyan

    M: +374 11 998050
    E: info@volo.global

  • Yerevan

    Komitas avenue 54v 5th floor, 0051 Yerevan

  • Gyumri

    1 Gayi street, 2nd floor, Room 207, 31005 Gyumri


    Artashes Grigoryan

    M: +380 97 166 95 14
    E: info.ua@volo.global

  • Zaporozhye

    Blvd. Shevchenko 71a, 69091 Zaporozhye

  • Dnepr

    Shevchenko 53, 49044 Dnepr

  • Odessa

    Wall Street Business Center, Lane of Vice Admiral Zhukov 14


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