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The Engine Room for the Next Big Thing

Where Razor-Sharp Thinking is the Norm, Not the Exception

What is it with outsourcing companies?! The amount of frustration, hair-pulling, mistrust, and simply pure rage that we hear from our clients who have come to us bruised and battered from bad experiences with other outsourcing companies is shocking. As an industry we have a bad tendency to promise the world on any project across any platform, regardless of timeline and technical complexity. Frankly, it's embarrassing.

At Volo, we try to keep things very simple and focus on delivering only one thing: brilliantly innovative solutions on every nearshoring or outsourcing project. To that end, do three things well:


Limiting our technology exposure. We don't pretend to be master of every technology. We focus only on Microsoft technologies, as they are the most robust, enterprise-grade technologies available.


Hiring brilliant minds, not lots of warm bodies. We don't hire big teams - we hire brilliant ones that are capable of delivering incredible ideas with excellence.


Keeping turnover ridiculously low. We average around 6% turnover a year in an industry that is known for 80-100% turnover per year in some markets. How do we do it? We make sure that our people feel loved, respected, and have a great time delivering your next great idea.

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