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Military-Grade, Asymmetrical Cyber-Security for a World of Asymmetrical Threats

As the cyber threat landscape grows in complexity with each passing day, bad actors are increasingly relying on asymmetrical, non-standard tactics. That’s why we’ve launched Contra

– Volo’s new, military-grade asymmetrical cybersecurity to transform your protection. Contra focuses on employing an aggressive, asymmetric approach that definitely employs bleeding-edge technology – some of which custom built for some of the world’s leading corporations.

Our Contra team, sourced from the ranks of the likes of IBM, Orange, and Red Hat, has mastered in creating bleeding-edge strategies and tools:

  • Cyber Defence Strategy
  • Cyber Kill-Chain Deployment
  • Cyber Warfare
  • DevOps & Network/IT Management
  • Disaster Risk, Recovery, & Forensics
  • Infrastructure, Functional Repair
  • High-Value IP Management
  • Data Encryption, Cryptography Solutions
  • The Contra R&D Lab

If you think your business, your data, and your IP are safe enough using traditional, standard approaches to cybersecurity, think again!

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