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Nope. We aren't big. We don't have tens of thousands of faceless people in offices scattered across the globe. We are based in Armenia, a tiny country in Europe that was once a part of the Soviet Union. Yet, this little nation that made up only around 1% of the population of the Soviet Union, developed nearly 1/3 of the electronics used in the Soviet military. Simply put, Armenia was and is an innovation powerhouse.

We at Volo are proud torchbearers of this tradition. We consistently out-innovate the biggest names in outsourcing by applying brighter minds to every task. This is why blue-chip clients in need of high-end, complex, Enterprise-grade solutions turn to us to deliver solutions and thinking that go far beyond their briefs. From financial services to energy to logistics and beyond, some of the biggest names in their sectors have turned to our little boutique to deliver excelence the first time around.

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