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The World's Most Flexible Payment System

 Volo Payment System

VOLO Payment System (VPS) enables you to operate a reliable payment system either as a stand-alone company or in partnership with another company, such as a mobile operator, bank or credit institution.

Transactions supported by VPS:

  • Money refill via different channels
  • Cash withdrawal and transfer to external systems (bank accounts, other payment systems)
  • Money transfer
  • Online payments
  • Small retail payments
  • Invoice generation
  • Payments collection
  • Payments refund

Why VPS?:

  • Customizable, customer-friendly payment interface
  • Adjustable to all legislations and financial systems
  • Built-in market segmentation tool enables diversified approach to different user groups
  • Business logic set up implementation
  • Highest security level based on latest technological developments
  • No dependency on any payment ecosystem stakeholder. VPS can be operated as a fully stand-alone solution
  • Access to expert consultants

VPS Core Modules:

Staff and Branch Management - Tool used to manage employee’s administrative capabilities within the financial system.

Client Management - Tool for managing a user’s profile information.

Account Management - Responsible for account creation, deactivation, default account definition, account balance review are performed within this module.

Transaction Management - Covers initiation and fulfillment of all financial transactions performed via VPS.

Operation Management - Responsible business logic of the operation.

Reporting - Enables the collection of all required statistical data from your database. Reports can be designed according to your requirements.

Messaging - Ensures communications between VPS public users, the VPS system operator and public clients. A real time notification service is an additional security measure.

Integration with 3rd parties - VPS is designed to integrate with a variety of external partners such as banks, mobile operators, payment terminals, other payment systems, online shops, etc.

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