Surprising Engineering

It's what Armenians are known for around the world

Surprise Me!

Surprising Engineering

From an Uncommon People Comes Extraordinary Innovation

What do the following inventions have in common?

  • Supercomputers
  • The Automatic Transmission
  • The First Oil Refinery
  • The Ultrasound
  • The First Integrated Circuit
  • Helicopter Control Systems
  • The First Space Rover
  • The MRI
  • The MiG Fighter Jet
  • Submarine Control Systems
  • Kirlian Photography
  • The ATM
  • The Color TV
  • The Concrete Mixing Truck
  • The Asthma Inhaler
  • Winemaking

If you are surprised to know that all of these innovations were invented by Armenians, welcome to the club! Surprise is usually the first reaction to everything Armenians engineer. We are from a tiny piece of Earth, pushed and pulled by rugged, inhospitable terrain, yet God has endowed this small group of people with an uncanny ability to innovate and push humanity forward.

1/3 of all Soviet military electronics, the most high-profile area in Soviet high-tech, came from Armenia.

We at Volo embrace our calling as carriers of this legacy. We see it as a badge of honor to innovate for our clients. It our way of paying homage to those brilliant minds who have gone before us and built an intellectual and academic culture here that enables Volo-ers to have the intellectual curiosity, horsepower, and drive to out-innovate the world and help our clients push their industries forward.

3 characteristics that define Armenian engineering:
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Flexibility

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