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Mentor Program with AYB High School
04 Feb, 2014

Mentor Program with AYB High School

On February 4, 2014 VOLO started a new collaboration with AYB High School for a new project called “Schools in Tech Business.” Mentor Program with AYB High SchoolThe program initiated by AYB High School and Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development Armenia introduces high school students to the leading tech companies in Armenia to give them a better understanding of the IT industry.

The 8 week long program includes seminars and trainings where students work on business model research and real-life projects. By exposing these students to IT occupations through hands-on experiences, they can make more educated career choices to lead a more fulfilling life.

VOLO is committed to increasing awareness of the IT industry to high school students to help them make smarter professional decisions. This project was just another instance of successful collaboration to help Armenia’s future leaders.

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