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Here’s What’s Cooking in Our Crucible

06 Feb, 2017

Blockchain Team Launched: Volo Stands Out With Blockchain Architecture for NASDAQ at Microsoft Hack-a-thon

In December we launched our new Blockchain team with about as loud a bang possible.  At a recent Microsoft hack-a-thon in Yerevan, Volo architected a disruptive solution for NASDAQ that would enable them to begin the process of taking its trading functionality directly to investors.

“While the Blockchain isn’t necessarily the magic bullet it is often made out to be, we are excited about it’s realistic potential and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch our new Blockchain team,”  said Matt Bartelsian, Volo’s Director of Global Business Development.  “NASDAQ was thrilled with the robustness of our solution and we are excited to have had the chance to be acknowledged by one of the global leaders in non-crypto currency Blockchain development.”

Volo’s Blockchain team now totals 12 developers and we anticipate aggressive expansion in 2017.

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