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Here’s What’s Cooking in Our Crucible

  • Time to start testing – Volo’s QA team is taking testing to a whole new level.
    02 May, 2017

    Time to start testing – Volo’s QA team is taking testing to a whole new level.

    Over the past decade projects developed by Volo have relied on our internal QA teams to pass the highest requirements of the field. Now, our clients have the opportunity to request a QA as a separate unit of Volo services.
  • Mobidram and Volo disrupt the payment market
    02 May, 2017

    Mobidram and Volo disrupt the payment market.

    Volo has recently taken the mobile-payment platform to a whole new level by baking world-first features into Mobidram, MTS’s market-leading mobile payment app. Originally a web-based payment platform, Volo has now taken it to a mobile platform with Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.
  • 31 Mar, 2017

    Introducing Contra-Volo’s New Cybersecurity Company

    Volo is aggressively moving into cybersecurity with the launch of Contra – our new military-grade, asymmetrical cybersecurity company that offers 24/7/365 asymmetric Protection.
  • Volo opens a new office in Odessa
    28 Mar, 2017

    Volo is Opening a New Black Sea Kitchen

    Built on the idea that top talent is best utilized within the context of small, hyper-connected teams, Volo is creating a global network of “kitchens” that are becoming the premier places for top talent to work in each city that we’re in. This will be Volo’s third kitchen in Ukraine, following to the ones in engineering hubs Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro.

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