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We have set up our Project Management Office (PMO) to help our clients navigate the complexity and speed of today’s marketplace. Our aim is to create clear focus, efficiency, and timely response to ensure quality outcomes.
As early adopters of the Agile methodology, we use it to maximize productivity and visibility, so you get exactly what you expect from your software solution. We have aggregated a qualified project management team that holds the related certificates, yet applies its amassed experiences to provide you with a unique, customized approach.

Agile Transformation

Our clients come to us with diverse expectations of project management methodologies, and our PMO is flexible in adjusting to their needs. We custom-create hybrids of traditional and modern methodologies to smoothly guide our partners from outdated project management approaches to a process optimization that fits with their company culture and is appropriate to the business issue at hand.

The VOLO Guide to Project Management

A comprehensive handbook by PMs for PMs


We don't do Agile just because it's trendy. We abide by its core values and principles to drive continuous improvement, risk reduction, and fast and flawless delivery.

Through Scrum, we instill Agile values to analyze processes and automize them. Ideal for startups and for companies who are looking to accelerate time to market, we use Scrum to create synergy between project development and operations, and provide batch-delivery of features within a defined period of time. We then build in quality through testing and quality control to deliver the best practices for the customer.


We take a systematic approach to improving efficiency, while maintaining flexibility. For ongoing projects that need urgent maintenance and addition of new features, through Kanban we put our focus on continuous delivery and deployment. This means the client gets access to features every second of every day throughout the project lifespan.

Through the Kanban Method we design, manage, and improve flow systems for knowledge work to meet client expectations and drive evolutionary change.

XP Practices

  • customer test
  • simple design
  • planning game
  • tdd
  • code standard
  • collective ownership
  • metaphor
  • pair programming
  • continuous integration
  • sustainable pace
  • whole team
  • small releases

XP: We constantly pursue coding and technical excellence to achieve flexible architecture and keep future cost of change as low as possible.
That's why in the right context, we choose to rely on the XP (Extreme Programming) method and the strategic use of all its practices - Test Driven Development, pair programming, and small releases.

Delivering innovation on time and under budget can feel like a maze.

We're here to guide You through.

Business Discovery

We thoroughly examine your business issue.

Technical Analysis and Final Proposal

We align client vision with bespoke architecture.

Building the Team

We match the right talent with the right projects.

Project Execution

From Agile to XP, we cover them all.


From unit testing to manual and automated QA, we deliver better projects faster.

Project Deployment

We quarterback a highly systematic approach to deployment.

Security Monitoring and Management

We use military grade, asymmetric methodologies to guard your assets 24/7/365.

Ongoing Innovation

Before we release a project we orchestrate with you the best ways to continually drive innovation.

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