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Our custom enterprise application development services cater to a diverse set of organizations from around the world. Since delivering complex solutions is our forte, we just as easily partner with scale-ups that want to get a quality product to market on time and on budget or are getting ready for an IPO, as with global companies with decades of experience under their belt. Whatever your need, we provide end-to-end project development and oversight to best align with your strategy and organizational requirements.

Full-Cycle Development

Make us your single point of accountability.

Great coding isn’t enough. You need a tech partner that understands the rules of your game – one that can understand your business complexities and deliver accordingly.
We take a holistic approach to software development creating solutions based on your business vision, unique selling points, and user needs. What you get is human-centered software that helps you unlock value faster.

From business analysis, prototypes and MVPs to scalable products, we will assist you at each stage of your innovation cycle.

Guided by Agile principles, we deliver maximum efficiency, transparency, and flexibility.

We assemble a unique team of software experts for your project, tasked with the mindset of "How can we do this better?"

Software Project Rescue

Gain back control of your project.

So you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve spent considerable resources on a software project, yet it’s a disaster. Don’t panic. We’ve seen this scenario many times and we know exactly how to fix it.

We’ll guide you back on track from crisis to project completion by applying our time-tested methodologies, so that you can get your investment’s worth.

Together, we have produced a platform that's very innovative, yet familiar and simple to use at the same time


Legacy App Revival

Take your software from yesterday to tomorrow.

In the age of unprecedented technological advancement, companies inevitably run into trouble due to reliability and performance constraints of their legacy software. We’ll help you reimagine, redesign, and refactor your lagging legacy systems and migrate them to new platforms.

Quality Assurance

Bolster your customer experience with faster, safer, more
resilient QA.

The benefits of employing a well-equipped QA team far outweigh the costs. And when it comes to costs, nothing is as convincing as the associated cost of a faulty product. This is why we have assembled a QA team that will not only ensure you receive a high quality product, but also safeguard your brand reputation.

QA Consulting

Our QA Consulting services are aimed at helping you navigate difficult times, whether that be a growing number of projects, company reorganization, or adoption of new methodologies or practices. We’ll assess your current practices and workflows to determine gaps and deficiencies and come up with an actionable roadmap to better QA.

Manual QA

Our manual testing services are performed by seasoned and certified professionals, who’ll ensure your software is crash-proof, bug-free, and user-friendly. With our flexible and custom-created QA flows, we provide business-related quality control, ensuring all errors are diagnosed early, based on best practices of testing strategies and techniques.

QA Automation

Today’s digitized economy is putting more pressure on companies to embrace automation for quicker delivery cycles. Our QA Automation services cover both your web and mobile needs. We leverage best practices in test-driven development and agile testing to enable you to get your software to market faster and respond more efficiently to market feedback.

Dedicated Teams

Tap into our expert talent pool and get your project up and running.

For well over a decade, our partners have succeeded by leveraging the development capabilities and expertise of our smart teams. We can either extend your in-house team or become your off-site software development department, scaling up or down according to your needs.
Our smart teams are made up of top-notch professions who develop quality products with timely delivery.

  • PHD 2%
  • Master52%
  • Bachelor 36%
  • Student 10%
  • Senior 25%
  • Experienced 54%
  • Junior 21%
  • Armenia 80%
  • Ukraine 20%

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