The Challenge

GAP International – an expert team of performance advisors to the C-suite of Fortune 1000 companies – has built a reputation for delivering breakthrough outcomes in management consultancy. For nearly a decade, the company had been seeking to digitize the complete set of their products and services to make their expertise accessible to a broader business community. Yet, none of their software development partners were able to deliver what they were seeking.

In their search for a software partner, they came across VOLO and decided to try their chances with our team. The challenge, after so many years, was still the same - digitization and optimization of their existing products, most of which lacked some core functionalities that could otherwise highly improve their company performance and speed up the overall business operations.


The Solution

Having integrated ourselves into GAP International’s internal team, we worked on creating and enhancing a number of software products. By continuously delivering quality work, we have forged a strong long-term partnership based on credibility and trust. GAP International selected VOLO as its software partner of choice to re-prioritize and re-architect their products’ entire backend, database structure, as well as optimize the performance of already existing applications.

By now, our team has been working on the following projects for GAP:

  • Web Application: 

    We refined and perfected a tool for the clients of GAP International to ease their work progress management and monitoring. Through this innovative tool they are now able to set goals and outcomes, break them down into milestones, and track the overall progress on the way to achieving the set goal.

  • Desktop Software:

    This solution allows the company administrators to search for people, create groups, add or remove people, etc. We made sure to deliver a tool that would make this whole process as painless and bug-free as possible.

  • CMS:

    Another tool that we worked on was a content management system created through Sitefinity with the purpose of making the management of the website content more user-friendly and intuitive.

Thanks to our effort, GAP International was able to digitize and modernize its software solutions according to the highest standards and best practices, and is now reaping all the possible benefits that the seamless performance of digital tools brings to the table.

Below is a high-level diagram of the solution architecture that our team delivered for GAP International.


Online Payment Optimization

Our partner’s customers, mainly large and SME companies, had to go through a complex payment process. The whole thing was quite complicated for our partner’s team as well, since they were required to carry out certain dull and repetitive tasks manually.

We took up on automating and optimizing this whole process by developing a solution based on PayPal that would then allow GAP International’s clients to pay online via a Debit or Credit card without having to contact the GAP team. Moreover, our solution also released our partner from the manual creation of contracts. Thus, the whole payment process was simplified and optimized for all the sides involved.

The solution we developed for GAP International included:

  • Database architecture adjustment
  • PayPal implementation as a payment processor
  • Automatic creation of contracts
  • Payment processor integration with an internal accounting system

Thanks to the new tool, accounting reports creation has become easier than ever for the GAP team.

Leveraging the Genius Mobile App

On the mobile level, VOLO delivered an app, created for iOS and Android, aptly named Leveraging Genius. As a professional development platform, it successfully helps individual users and corporate teams to explore, discover, and maximize their genius. VOLO re-architected and refactored the app’s entire structure and custom-created several solutions and features that took its functionality to the next level.

Summing up

All in all, VOLO has custom-created an array of software applications, including:

  1. Platforms for Online Diagnostic Assessment, Corporate Data Visualization, Executive Learning, User Specific Learning
  2. Motivational and Training Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  3. Business Structure Setup and Tracking Tool
  4. Enhancements to Existing Applications with New Functionalities

Services Provided

The full scope of services that VOLO provides to GAP International are as follows:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps

Our partnership with GAP International is ongoing and we are sure to achieve more in the future together.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized software performance and reliability
  • Enhanced business processes
  • Updated basic functions’ set of the CMS
  • Simplified work progress management and monitoring
  • Improved customer experience
  • Higher quality management and delivery of services


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