The Challenge

It used to be that inspection routines in the oil industry were cumbersome and required a great deal of manual labor. Inspection staff would be required to spend considerable time on the field filling out paperwork and ensuring consistency, which resulted in their extended exposure to hazardous sites. On top of that, due to inefficiencies of the process, new information was difficult to capture, and lessons learned were difficult to share. Our client took it upon itself to transport this process to the digital realm.

The Solution

To overcome the shortcomings of this flawed and outdated method, we created a solution that enables paperless inspection. To that end, we created a web app that would process the data that inspection staff would input on site with the help of tablets. By working both online and offline, the solution expedites the communication of results to collect and structure data in real time, eliminating ambiguity. The collected data is uploaded and linked to a cloud-based portal. Ultimately, our Asset Inspection System made it possible to deliver considerably more usable data in a significantly shorter period of time. The result is a smooth, end-to-end inspection process – from planning to review.

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity of inspection staff
  • Improved visibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved data consistency for experts and technicians
  • Integration with any data management system
  • Downloadable reports
  • Easily adaptable to various geographies and assets


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