The Case of TradeCloud:

Digitalizing the Commodities Trading Industry

  • Client:TradeCloud
  • Client Location:Germany
  • Project Duration:2017 - ongoing
  • Team Size:20 - 30
  • Tech Stack:.Net, .Net Core, Angular

The technological leaps of the last decade have forced industries to rethink their long-term strategies and embrace digitization as the game-changer of the future. Leaders in commodities trading are prepping themselves for the next digital era that is rapidly approaching by seeking to become more agile and automating many of their activities and services.


The Challenge

Despite its global reach, Commodities Trading is still a low-tech, person-to-person relationship based industry. This hinders its efficiency and seriously compromises issues around compliance, putting trading houses at risk. Founded by senior leadership from Trafigura, TradeCloud set forth to become the next-generation digital metals communications platform and one of the first to reimagine commodity trading though a high-performance, cloud-based commodities trading communications system. The company is set to change the way the commodities community (producers, traders, consumers) communicate and connect them in an unprecedented way.


The Solution

The range of services provided by VOLO covered TradeCloud’s entire cycle of product development and included the services listed below.

  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • DevOps
  • NOC Monitoring

Throughout the course of our collaboration, we were able to quickly adjust our development volume according to our client’s needs and scale our team from 8 to 30 and back again, depending on their web, mobile, or DevOps needs.

The featured solutions delivered by VOLO for TradeCloud were

  • TradeCloud Web

    A post-trade platform that links all trade counterparts in a secure and fully auditable environment to ensure one version of the truth for everyone. It enables users to update and verify information in real time, and has an in-built chat system.

  • TradeCloud Energy

    A pre-trade platform that enables negotiation, price discovery and digital contract generation for users from the energy physical markets. To build trust and ensure security, the platform is equipped with a full KYC process and has a secure built-in chat linked to each deal.

  • TradeCloud Metals

    Like TradeCloud Energy, TradeCloudMetals is a pre-trade platform that enables communication for users from the metals and minerals physical markets. It comes with the full set of features and benefits of TradeCloud Energy.

  • TradeCloud Mobile

    The mobile app enables users to never skip a beat with real-time notifications on all important events.


VOLO’s team has come with good ideas that have enhanced the product. If we had our time over again, we would still select Volo. Good people, trustworthy, hardworking, and innovative.

Matthew Botell

Co-Founder of TradeCloud

Key Benefits

  • An end-to-end solution for all parties within the physical trade cycle
  • Cloud-based technology that is available anytime, anywhere
  • Built on r3 Corda Enterprise Blockchain for best-in-class security and transparency
  • Familiar and intuitive UI/UX design
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