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Choosing VOLO means stepping into a world where outsourcing is smart, visible, and transparent. With nearly 2 decades providing software services to enterprises worldwide, our professionals deliver exceptional efficiency and expertise.

Our outcome-driven consulting and development services will help you eliminate the disconnect between your business and tech needs, to help you stop overspending on tech. With our proven track record and engagement flexibility, you no longer have to worry about timelines, processes, or outcomes.

*On average, our clients report $300,000 in annual savings as a result of our collaboration.


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In Our Clients’ Words

We needed professional people and people that are good at communicating and supporting and developing something that doesn’t exist. What I most like about working with VOLO is the team - it’s a real team environment. There are a couple of metrics that qualify you as a partner, and VOLO really complies with all these metrics, as you would expect.

Saribek Karapetyan Co-Founder of Visual Abstract

VOLO’s team has come with good ideas that have enhanced the product. If we had our time over again, we would still select VOLO. Good people, trustworthy, hardworking, and innovative.

Matthew Botell Co-Founder of TradeCloud

They are quick to respond, proactive about solving problems, and they’re committed to our product.

Kim Avanesyan Mobidram CEO

Our Work

Shark: Cleaning Smarter, Not Harder

Our partner, SharkNinja, needed a trustworthy tech vendor to finetune an existing mobile application for their robot vacuum cleaners. The app was quite buggy and slow with multiple technical flaws. Other than fixing the existing issues, we added new functionalities that made the app more scalable and efficient, compatible with both iOS and Android. Here are the main features of the app:

  • Full cleaning control
  • Cleaning time scheduling
  • Mapping and spot cleaning
  • Smooth user experience
  • Multiple robot management via a single account
  • Custom cleaning reports
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Skipti: Rental, Repair, and Delivery Management Software

We partnered with Skipti, a US-based software company, to help them empower the circular economy with innovative solutions. Our work involved helping them improve their existing online marketplace and build a delivery management app from scratch. Here are the main features of the solution:

  • Finding and renting items that you need for a short while
  • Getting an appliance demo
  • No cost of ownership and no long-term maintenance costs
  • Warranty
  • Door-to-door delivery and pickup after use 
  • Repair service availability
  • Option to buy any item if you like it
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Gap International: Digital Solutions for Management Consultancy

Gap International, an expert team of performance advisors to the C-suite of Fortune 1000 companies, came to us with the need to help them digitize their products and services. This would enable them to make their expertise available for a larger community of business owners. From building software from scratch to rearchitecting the backend and the database structure of their existing products, and enhancing their overall performance, our team provided Gap International with the full experience of digital transformation. Here is what we have delivered throughout our partnership:

  • Platforms (Web, Desktop, CMS) for online diagnostic assessment, corporate data visualization, executive learning, and user-specific learning
  • Motivational and training mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Business structure setup and tracking tool
  • Online payment optimization
  • New functionalities for existing applications
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Personal Finance Assistant

Our client, a European educational institution, approached us with the vision to build personal financial assistant software. The goal was to provide their customers with tools that help them integrate all their assets, increase financial literacy, and test various financial scenarios. Our team delivered a fully functional application that offers the following features:

  • Option to manually add and manage different types of assets
  • Simple profile setup with user personas
  • Financial literacy components
  • Analytics of current income and expenses
  • Financial prediction module for retirement
  • Ability to experiment with finances in simulation
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Insiso: Legacy App Modernization for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our partner, an upstream oil and gas intelligence and energy consultancy, needed to modernize their existing legacy desktop application. They also wanted to have several new features added to the app. Within just a year, our team turned it into an intuitive data analytics tool, that offers the following features:

  • Regularly updated global analog database and production history profile
  • Fully integrated GIS interface
  • In-house licensing for complete control 
  • Secure user data storage and encryption
  • Specialized energy data analytics and benchmarking tools
  • Enhanced security and CO2 footprint reduction
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