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Top Web and Mobile Development Companies in Armenia in 2023: Crafting the Digital Future Locally and Globally

14 Aug 2023

Software Development Outsourcing Companies in Armenia
It is no surprise that Armenia is a rising star in the web and mobile outsourcing world. With a long history of big names in the world of outsourcing and startups, very competitive rates, and a talent pool of passionate developers, the fertile soils of Armenia have given the world much more than golden wheat and apricots

With so many mobile and custom web app developers in Armenia to choose from, we went ahead and compiled a list of the top development companies. We included important information such as date established, team size, their key services, as well as a brief description about the company and one of their key projects. 


Established in 2006
Team Size: 300+

Key Services:

   - Full Cycle Software Development
- Mobile App Development
- AI/ML and IoT for Mobile Apps
- DevOps & IT Operations Management

The groundwork of VOLO dates back to 2006, when IDram, the first online payment platform in Armenia, was released and had started a successful and rapid journey of growth. That was when the founders of IDram, two local IT engineers and innovators, launched VOLO, a software development outsourcing company that was destined for success thanks to the hard work and dedication of its growing team. 

Now VOLO has been in the business for over 16 years, having served 60 clients across 4 continents, from 7 development centers, with a team of more than 300 people and growing. The company has managed to build a history of long-term, solid partnerships with its clients, always prioritizing partnership, dedication, and loyalty over being a mere service provider. 

They put their web and mobile expertise to help leading companies and innovative startups from around the world create tech products that advance them further within their industries. From healthcare and medicine to agriculture and mining, the VOLO team has built software solutions catering to businesses of various industries. 

Focusing on the clients’ needs, maintaining transparency throughout the whole project development process, emphasizing creativity and innovation, and taking a proactive and personalized approach to meet the clients’ expectations - all of these are the building blocks of the company’s success and decades of continuous global impact. 

Also, on the note of transparency, check out VOLO's comprehensive profile on DesignRush that proves the company's commitment to excellence and professionalism. 

Featured Project: Commodity Trading Communications

VOLO developed a web-based platform that allows commodity traders to securely network and broker deals. 

Providing the client with a full scope of services, including, Business Analysis, UI/UX Design, Software Architecture, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, DevOps, NOC Monitoring, VOLO team was able to digitize the slow processes of the client’s commodity trading platform, building an end-to-end software solution that would ease the job of everyone in the physical trade cycle. The platform is also equipped with a full KYC process and has a built-in chat feature linked to each deal. 

Additionally, they built a cloud-based software tool for access at all times and a mobile app that comes with real-time notifications, ensuring no one involved in the trading cycle misses a thing. The app is compatible with multiple devices, including iOS and Android. 

Simply Technologies 

Established in 2013
Team Size: 60+

Key Services:

   - Web Apps
- Mobile Apps
- NLP and Chatbots
- AI, DL, and ML
- Cloud Integration
- OpenCV on Frontend

Simply Technologies is a premium-level software development and innovation company delivering on-demand end-to-end software development services and market-ready solutions. Simply is committed to providing its partners with the highest quality of service and a friendly, collaborative experience.

Featured Project: Financial Hub for Construction Companies

The software streamlines financial management for construction projects with a centralized platform that allows all parties involved to make payments, track balances, and access project-specific reports. The software is designed to be accessible on various devices, including iOS and Android, ensuring flexibility for managing finances on the go.


Established in 2013
Team Size: 50+

Key Services:

   - Mobile App Development
- Web App Development
- AI & ML
- SaaS Platform Development
- Tech Consulting

Preezma is one of the leading service-providing software development companies within Eastern Europe. Since 2013, they’ve successfully completed 150+ software projects for partners all over the globe.

Featured Project: Marketing Platform

Adrack’s Bannerize is an innovative marketing platform for lead management. The all-in-one web-based system can be used for campaign setup, lead distribution, data capture, marketing, and much more.

It only takes a few minutes to design and launch a new creation on Bannerize. With the click of a button, users can pick one of the many types of pre-installed fonts, add a heading, subheading and body text. From there, uploading images, videos, and GIFs is also easier thanks to the implemented drag and drop feature. They also developed an icon-builder, where users can add basic shapes or social media icons.


Established in 2016
Team Size: 30+

Key Services:

   - Mobile Application Development
- Quality Assurance
- Backend & API Development
- Mobile IoT Solution Development
- Support & Maintenance

V-Mobile is composed of engineers, tech transformers, and design-thinkers helping make your journey to digital business shorter, more tangible, and sustainable. A true mobile first team, they deliver B2B or B2C apps with end-to-end mobile development services.

Featured Project: Construction Services App

Fixn is a construction services app that makes it easy for clients to select qualified contractors for jobs, chat with them to discuss details of the job and price, then leave a review when the job is complete. It has an integrated payment system, map tracking, chat feature, and a rating system. An admin panel was also created to track all jobs, payments, contractors, and clients. 

Rocket Systems 

Established in 2018
Team Size: 30+

Key Services:

   - UI/UX Design
- Mobile App Development
- Web Development
- iGaming and Blockchain
- Custom software development
- Web3

Rocket Systems is a global full-service software engineering company that has been making success stories for over 5 years and helping visionary companies emphasize their strengths and elevate their brand. They take great care to use a technical approach to the client's visions and develop scalable and maintainable code bases because they are obsessed with code quality. Rocket Systems choose the best tech solutions to build a secure, stable digital product that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Featured Project: The Decentralized Crowdsourcing Marketplace

With companies across the globe spending an increasingly inordinate amount of time and money managing the delivery of microtasks, Grand Time offers a cost-effective Web3 solution. Connecting businesses and a crowd of workers in a single worldwide blockchain community, they get the right jobs to the right people at the right price.

We Construct 

Established in 2016
Team Size: 30+

Key Services:

   - Software Development
- Mobile App Development
- Web Development
- AI / ML
- UI / UX Design
- Software Testing
- Tech Consulting

We Construct is a high-level Custom Software Development company with 7 years of experience in the industry. They provide strategic and cutting-edge IT services and solutions for eCommerce, Real Estate, Fintech, Renting (Booking), Healthcare, and other industries and help clients overcome their most difficult business problems with their competitive advantages.

Their team of senior developers and software specialists have a proven track record of completing complex projects for businesses of all kinds.

Featured Project: Appointment Management System

Instead of managing appointments manually, juggling notes and taking phone calls during work, with SetTime businesses or individuals can manage all their appointments in one place, saving time and streamlining business operations. 

Service providers can let their customers book unlimited appointments online at their convenience, 24/7. The automatic reminders ensure that appointments are not missed, benefiting both service providers and their customers. The app also offers advanced reporting features, allowing businesses and individuals to keep track of their team's performance and manage their finances effectively.


Established in 2016
Team Size: 20+

Key Services:

   - Dedicated development teams
- Mobile Application Design and Development
- Web Design and Development
- Data Analytics
- Technical and Business Consulting

Cypress is a mobile-first and web development agency providing dedicated teams of highly experienced professionals. Cypress has a legacy of delivering top-notch mobile and web solutions to global clients. Their commitment to superior quality has made them a trusted partner to numerous organizations. 

Within the last 7 years they have successfully served more than 20 small and medium enterprises and startups.

Featured Project: Custom Menswear Clothing App

Cypress, with over two-years of partnership with MTailor, a leading custom-fitted menswear provider, provides dedicated resources that significantly enhance MTailor's Android and iOS applications. Leveraging the team's expertise in mobile app development, they've redesigned, updated functionalities, improved user experience, and ensured seamless performance on the latest devices.

Concept Studio 

Established in 2011
Team Size: 20+
Key Services:

   - Software development
- Website design and development
- Application design and development
- Game design and development
- Brand identity creation (Branding)

Concept Studio is a strategically driven, digital design, development, and branding agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. They solve consumer and business problems with their diversified services keeping a balanced ecosystem across the brand.
In line with their tradition as a design studio, they take pride in crafting the most beautiful and unique brand and digital experiences, products, applications and e-commerce. 

Featured Project: Tourist Website for Armenia

Armenia the Hidden Track uses the latest web design technology to create an engaging and interactive experience for visitors. Animations and virtual tours bring Armenia's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty to life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the country's unique atmosphere. 


Established in 2020
Team Size: 20+

Key Services:

   - Web Development
- Mobile Development
- DevOps
- UI/UX Design
- Web3 Development

Their Mission, as a team of specialists, is quite simple: to deliver software solutions that not only meet the expectations of their clients but also exceed them both in terms of time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The magic behind the success of Milies is the team itself. The team is composed of experienced specialists in software, web, and mobile development, creative visionaries, and just about anyone else passionate about delivering digital solutions to their clients.

Featured Project: eSports social network

Zengaming is an early-stage startup that builds eSports social networks and enables players to connect with other players and teams, to compete, and get discovered. They aimed to create a totally new, upgraded version of the existing website - Tradeit.gg, so they hired a team-extension of Milies’ qualified developers. Tradeit.gg allows the users to safely buy, sell and trade instantly in-game items through a trading bot for the lowest trading fees on the market.


Established in 2011
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Tech Consulting
- UI/UX design
- Mobile App development
- Quality Assurance

Redops works side-by-side with ambitious players from local tech start-ups to enterprise-level companies. Since 2011, they have delivered and maintained hundreds of exceptional-quality applications. They provide full-cycle development: from product definition, prototyping, and design, to MVP launching and sustainable product scaling. 

Featured Project: Guided Visualization App

EnVision is a guided visualization app designed to help one achieve their goals. The app uses guided visualization to help one set and achieve the goals, with hours of content to explore.

In just 10 minutes a day it helps one focus on what’s important, preparing for life’s big events. It offers over 150 voice guided audio sessions designed to help one achieve their goals.


Established in 2015
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Enterprise web app development
- E-commerce website development
- Custom web application development
- UI/UX design
- QA & testing
- Third-party integration & customization

BeeWeb is a software development company specialized in MVP development. Their primary goal is to help you turn your innovative idea into a successful startup by working with a result oriented approach, transparency and commitment.

Featured Project: Automated Sales Tool

CueCard is a sales tool that enables sales folks to sell more effectively. It attempts to bridge the gap between “sales'' and “marketing”. With its impressive range of features it simplifies and streamlines the sales process. CueCard allows effortlessly adding or updating talk tracks, sending automated follow-up emails, which helps skip the time-consuming effort of writing notes after meetings, and having real-time access to relevant information during sales calls.

DevelopWay CJSC 

Established in 2009
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Custom software development
- Mobile application development
- Web development
- IT Outsourcing
- UI/UX design
- IT consulting

DevelopWay CJSC is an IT consulting and software development company based in Armenia. Their mission is to provide IT Services and Products to all. With more than 13 years of experience in the software industry, they’ve served 30+ happy clients, completed 50+ projects, and consulted 70+ teams.

Featured Project: Earthquake Detection Software

DevelopWay developed a robust multiplex network that efficiently transfers seismic information from various points to a central server. This network effectively enabled data analysis, report generation, and calculations, all accessible through a user-friendly web interface. By establishing reliable network communications for the system, the team ensured seamless and uninterrupted data transfer and processing, enhancing the overall reliability and continuity of the system.


Established in 2016
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Frontend development teams
- iOS & Android development
- Backend development team
- Web platform development
- Mobile application development
- Software for TV & Wearable devices

NextStack LLC is a software development agency that has transformed dozens of ideas into efficient digital solutions using the latest technologies. Their mission is to bring businesses to the next level.

NextStack’s focus is delivering high-quality software products with user-friendly designs, smooth performance, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. They are a premier software development company that is committed to providing its clients with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. With an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Nextstack is dedicated to empowering its clients to thrive in the digital landscape

Featured Project: Podcast App

Humbly is a new podcast app that helps causes like charities and nonprofits all around the globe raise money, simply by using it. Users can select some causes they'd like to guide money towards. Later, users will hear a short ad or two when they tap play on an episode. One of Humbly's advertising partners paid for them to hear and experience that ad, so that money goes to the selected cause, without costing users a dime.


Established in 2013
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Web Development
- Mobile App Development
- E-Commerce Apps
- Progressive Web Apps
- Tech Consulting

Founded in 2014, InScope is a web development company offering an extensive range of internet services to businesses and organizations around the world. They specialize in web development, e-commerce, mobile development, hosting and more. Their goal is to provide the best quality design, security, simplicity and customizability for every project they work on. 

Inscope`s industry leading team is at the forefront of pioneering results-driven internet business solutions and technologies. 

Featured Project: Electronic Medical Office

EMO is a SaaS application in the medical sphere, integrated with plenty of hospitals in Armenia, the USA, and Europe to ease the work of doctors and patients.

The application has a very modern and user-friendly UI which makes usage of the app very intuitive. The main benefit of the project is that it digitizes all paperwork and integrates all working processes in one application.

TCO Team  

Established in 2016
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - Web Development
- Mobile Apps
- QA

TCO is a web and mobile development company based in Armenia. Their roots go back to 2016 when their present directors united around a common idea. Due to their hard work and dedication TCO was established on the solid values of trust, reliability and integrity! Over the years, the team has greatly expanded and has two branches in Yerevan and Gyumri. 

TCO has built brand authority both in the local and in the international markets with experienced specialists providing high-quality web and mobile development services to clients worldwide. 

Featured Project: Car Rental Platform

SIXT is one of the largest international car rental chains in the world. They offer car rental and global share solutions, as well as carpooling and chauffeur services worldwide. SIXT car rental services allows users to easily rent a car from almost 110 countries at airports, shopping malls, and hotels.


Established in 2016
Team Size: 30+

Key Services:

   - Web Development
- Mobile App Development
- Quality Assurance
- Project Management
- UI/UX Design
- Support & Maintenance

Known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, ESTEROX works closely with clients throughout the development process to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

They prioritize communication and transparency, providing regular updates and progress reports to keep clients informed at every stage of the project.

They have outstanding results in a shorter amount of time with the added benefit of competitive pricing. 

Featured Project: Subject Selection Online

Subject Selection Online is an Australian-based school-wide platform designed to enhance school operations for the benefit of the entire school community. With a focus on student-centered functionality, the platform addresses all necessary daily operational processes within a school setting, enabling automation, integration, and efficacy.
The project features teacher role distribution, prerequisites and capacity of courses, seamless data imports, an appointment management system, and other various features.

Serious Web 

Established in 2017
Team Size: 10+

Key Services:

   - App Development
- Web Development
- Software Development
- CRM Development

Serious Web has gained international experience in providing IT outsourcing services from their office in Yerevan. Their professional specialists are full of creative ideas and energy. 

Their philosophy is quite simple: only by having the highest quality individuals can you produce the highest quality products, combining the best in content, design, technology, and client services.

Featured Project: Travel App

Vardan Travel is a highly acclaimed mobile application in the tourism industry in Armenia. The app provides users with comprehensive information about popular tourist destinations, local attractions, and travel itineraries. It has garnered positive reviews and is widely recognized as one of the top travel apps in the country.

Web and Mobile Development in Armenia

Many outsourcing companies in Armenia that are specialized in Web and Mobile development, just check Clutch.co, Linkedin, and other sites to see just how prominent we are. There are thousands of success stories across hundreds of different industries from all around the world. 

Visiting Armenia on Business 

Armenia is not just a great tourist destination. You need a solid team to sit with and plan the entire app, website, or software from beginning to end. There is no better place to visit to do your outsourcing than Armenia. It is cheap to fly to from anywhere, is inexpensive to stay in quality hotels, and English is widely spoken. 

Why Outsource Web Development to Armenia

Armenia not only ranks high in ease of business, but also offers some of the best rates in the region. With a concentrated talent pool, people in the tech industry work out of passion, not necessity. With so many seasoned and successful outsourcing companies to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect match.

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