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Nearly 90% of investors incorporate ESG issues in their investment strategies. This number highlights a significant shift towards sustainability in the financial sector. Green finance solutions and green lending software become increasingly important in this context, since they provide the necessary tools for investors to navigate this complex landscape.

Greentech software solutions can help financial institutions make more informed decisions, integrate ESG considerations into their lending practices, be regulatory compliant, and promote a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Key Features of Our Green Lending Solution

At VOLO, we have built an environmental consulting technology solution to help simplify and automate the assessment of environmental impacts of financed measures. Our Green Financing solution replaces traditional spreadsheets with an intuitive interface that eliminates human error and streamlines your business processes. Our application will become your one-stop shop for all your collection, analysis, and reporting of green loan data.


Admin Panel

Easily set the criteria for your sustainability targets and define your business and country-specific loan calculation parameters.

Role-Based Access Control

Maintain complete authority over user access within your organization, ensuring that only authorized individuals have permission to access sensitive data.

Reporting and Transparency

Have your Green Asset Ratio automatically calculated and retrieved, without having to manually collect all green loan measure scores.

Seamless Flow Management

Optimize your loan assessment processes with automated workflows to ensure a seamless loan assessment journey.

Customer Loan Component Assessment

Allow your customers to verify the green criteria components that their SLL loans meet, thus encouraging transparency and sustainability.

Centralized ESG Data Governance

Effortlessly aggregate your ESG-related data through a single system to meet the established standards and generate relevant reports.

Transparent Lending Portfolio

Improve your SLL portfolio while ensuring compliance with the ever-changing structure of fees, pricing, and regulatory measures.

Why Choose Our Green Lending Software

The process of helping you make the most of our Green Lending software solution for your organization is quite simple and flexible. Here is what to expect:

We analyze your needs and make the required customizations that best fit the specifics of your business.

We offer dedicated training sessions for your team and provide you with user manuals.

Our team of experts provides continuous improvement of the product and makes all the necessary enhancements on demand.

We guarantee lifelong support to ensure that you make the most of our Green Lending solution.

What Sets Us Apart?


Our Green Lending software comes with a fully configurable admin panel to fit the specific needs and demands of your business and country requirements. Additionally, it will help you stay on top of the changing regulations, calculation methods, and measurements.


Security is at the core of our solutions and processes. We have worked hard to ensure that our Green Lending software is compliant with all the well-established security standards.


Thanks to its modular structure, our Green Lending platform allows you to easily add new features as your business needs grow.

Easily Deployable

Whether you want to run the application on your own premises or in the Cloud is completely up to you, and depends on the needs and requirements of your business.

Readily Integrated

Quickly and smoothly integrate our platform with the existing systems of your organization.


Thanks to its feature of multi-tenancy, our solution enables affordable deployment, thus reducing the cost of supporting the installed base.


Our Green Lending software ensures a faster execution of operations and helps complete processes 5x faster than usual.


The solution automates around 40% of work processes, thus minimizing the possibility of human error.

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What Challenges Will You Avoid?

Lack of Widely Accepted Measurement Systems

Each country, financial organization, and bank has their own set of requirements and qualifications for green loans. Our Green Lending software is a centralized and customizable platform that accommodates those requirements and automates the assessment of projects against various standards. This helps streamline processes, boost efficiency, and stay compliant.

Scattered and Complex ESG Data

The management of scattered and complex ESG data doesn’t have to be stressful. With the help of our Green Lending platform, you centralize all this information in a single system and easily access, analyze, and report on ESG metrics. This simplifies the evaluation of the sustainability performance of potential borrowers and ensures compliance with ESG criteria.

Fluctuating Regulatory Systems

You can find stability with our Green Lending solution in the face of fluctuating and evolving regulatory systems. By automating compliance checks and updates, we ensure that you keep track of all the changes and stay compliant regardless.

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