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Backed by Meta, React offers not just a user interface, but a transformative experience for our enterprise clients. Our proven track record and seasoned team of React developers ensure your vision is not just realized but flourishes into a dynamic web application, delivered on time and within budget.

Our React Development Services

React Single Page Application (SPA) development

Our React web development team will quickly develop a dynamic and interactive single-page application that meets all of your needs.

Server-Side Rendering Applications

Load your page faster by utilizing server-side rendered components and control what components appear in search engine result pages.

Enterprise Solutions

We understand the intricacies of enterprise software development. Together we will assess your user needs and develop a fully functioning frontend with React that they will love.

Legacy Modernization and Migration to React SPA

Modernize or Migrate your legacy software with VOLO. Our React developers will facilitate a clean migration to bring your application up to date.

React Integrations

Expand the full capabilities of your application with more integrations from Reacts growing library. Our React development team will assess your needs and integrate all needed features with ease.

Support and Maintenance

Let us keep your application running smoothly through our tried and tested support and maintenance practices. We have the know-how to handle any issue that comes up and ensure your application can meet all demands.

React Consulting

Our experienced React development experts will ensure that your front-end roadmap is in line with your business needs. Our knowledge of React component libraries and enterprises gives us the insight to fill any missing gaps in your development plans.

React UI/UX Development

Together, we'll collaboratively design and execute an intuitive user interface and experience, ensuring satisfaction for all users.


Why React


This flexibility empowers developers to customize their development approach according to the project's requirements, making React a preferred choice for projects with unique demands.

Reusable Components

A favorite for enterprise software, React allows for UI components to be reused in other interfaces, shortening development time for future projects.

Ideal for Complex Applications

React's virtual DOM efficiently updates and renders UI changes, leading to improved performance, particularly in large-scale applications with complex components.

React Stack

Development Tools
and Libraries 

  • Create React App / Vite
  • React Router DOM
  • Axios
  • TypeScript
  • react-docgen
  • Storybook for React
  • React PWA
  • React Testing Library
  • React Web Components
  • Next JS

UI Component

  • MUI (Material UI)
  • Ant Design
  • React BootStrap
  • Tailwind UI
  • Chakra UI
  • Formik
  • react-charts
  • react-data-table-component
  • react-apexcharts
  • primereact
  • Semantic UI React

State Management
and Data

  • Redux, Redux Toolkit
  • Zustand
  • MobX
  • React Query
  • react-cookie

Libraries and Utilities

  • react-i18next
  • react-paginate
  • @react-google-maps/api
  • react-copy-to-clipboard
  • React-Draggable
  • ReactQuill
  • react-input-mask
  • react-pdf
  • Yup
  • date-io
Make sure your front-end
meets your user needs.
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Engagement Models


Full-Cycle Software Development

Full-Cycle Software Development

As an experienced end-to-end application development company, we’ll take full responsibility for your application development so you can focus on your business.

Dedicated React Teams

Dedicated React Teams

Partner with the React development team that is ready to work with your team to get your application’s front end completed on time and on budget.

React Team Augmentation

React Team Augmentation

Want full control during development and quick onboarding? Expand your team with React development specialists and begin scaling effectively according to your budget.

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