Most people nowadays see comfort as the most important feature that should come with any new technology or service. The demand for convenience creates high competition in the market which results in the introduction of new and improved services at a faster pace than ever.

Renting has been around for several hundred years but its forms and implementations have definitely changed over time. Nowadays, renting can refer to so many different types of services.

The one in question here is the online renting of various items (home appliances, sports equipment, electronics, different types of gear for outdoor activities, etc.) for a short period of time without having to pay the cost of ownership.

Skipti, a US-based software company, offers its customers to rent the things they need on demand thus saving money, time, energy, and helping reduce consumer waste.

The Challenge

Skipti needed a software development partner who would help them optimize their online marketplace, enriching it with new features as well as develop a delivery management app from scratch. They approached VOLO with these promising ideas but needed some help in putting them down on paper with the precise requirements and sprint planning.

The idea behind the app was to ease the overall booking and delivery process for customers. Being a partner of many retail companies, organizing the whole delivery process and managing its smooth realization can get tough at times. That’s why the Skipti team could use a helping hand in developing an app that would ensure the highest quality service with just a few simple steps for the users.

Other than this, they also needed to add multiple new features to their web marketplace and improve its functionalities for those who are reluctant to use mobile apps.


The Solution

VOLO took on this complex challenge of helping make the world a better place through software development and has been carrying out the project successfully for nearly two years now. Employing our comprehensive and full-spectrum approach to developing software solutions, we set out on this exciting journey with Skipti to create yet another useful solution for people on the other side of the world.

First things first, our specialists helped the Skipti team piece together a professionally written document of requirements for the app-to-be-built and for the marketplace that needed a revamp. As soon as the technical requirements were cleared out and the team had its responsibilities planned, we started the development process.

Our team created an app for Skipti that allows you to:

  • find and rent items which you want to try before buying or need for only a short period of time,
  • get a demo of a given appliance,
  • have the selected item delivered to your door by a courier and picked up later when you are done using it,
  • get a repair service in case something happens to the item. The courier will pick up the item from your house, take it to repair, and bring it back as soon as possible,
  • choose the rental dates to your convenience,
  • receive same-day delivery when booking in the morning,
  • buy any item you end up liking too much.

The app is easy on the eye with an intuitive design and ensures smooth performance requiring the minimum effort from its users. Our team keeps improving it and adding new features to meet the expectations of both the Skipti team and their target audience.

Additionally, our tech specialists have also essentially improved the performance of Skipti’s web marketplace increasing its productivity and adding multiple new features and functionalities. The marketplace is now another go-to option for those wanting to rent pretty much anything they need effortlessly.

Mobile App

We also developed a mobile app as per the request of our partner. In the past, Skipti relied on a 3rd-party driver management system to take care of their delivery schedules and tracking. Our team helped them develop an app of their own with a custom API, both for iOS and Android. Thanks to this they are now able to use their own delivery schedules tracking app without having to pay a third-party provider.

Services Provided

Summing up, VOLO provided Skipti with the following set of services:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • DevOps

Key Benefits

  • Seamless rental and repair processes
  • No cost of ownership
  • No long-term maintenance costs
  • Try before buying
  • Warranty
  • Appliance demo
  • Easy and simple delivery management
  • Door-to-door delivery and pickup after use


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