The Challenge

The need for Raiser arose from within VOLO. For years our company was losing HR Management solutions that weren’t quite the right fit for our internal HR processes. Either they were lacking the functionality that we needed or were way too complex, which meant that much of the work still had to be performed manually.

This is when our team realized that many companies like ours must be dealing with the same HRM-related challenges and decided that we needed to build a solution of our own – one that would not only serve us, but also transform the HR operations of other organizations.

We have embedded into Raiser the best we have learned and experienced during these years in terms of people and technologies.

Challenges Faced by HR Managers

Administrative Work

With lack of digitization, HR administrative tasks and routine operations are too time-consuming and inefficient.

Recruitment & Retention

Attracting talent is a significant investment of time and money. The more systemized and well-thought-out the hiring flow, the better the chances of retaining company talent.

Resource Planning

Workforce planning, informative digests, and forecasting are vital issues HR managers are not feasible to solve without the right reporting tools.

Maintaining Company Culture

In today’s remote reality, maintaining the company culture has become a tough challenge for HR specialists.

The Solution

Your employees are your greatest asset, your brand, and your customers. They are the driving force behind your success. With this in mind, we have created software to help you balance your business goals with your individual employee needs.

Raiser is a Human Resource Management System that not only simplifies the HR department operations and workflows, but also keeps the company employees engaged and informed. It is an all-in-one solution for effective management of the entire hire-to-retire lifecycle.

Raiser comes with built-in modules of Employee Database Management, Leave Management, Employee Self-Service, Applicant Tracking System, and Resource Planning–all featuring custom configurations and approval workflows.

People Data Management

Instead of tons of spreadsheets and folders, Raiser enables you to keep all your employees’ data centralized and secure. It enables HR managers to easily organize and update the employee profile records from a single source.

  • The Personalized Dashboard is tailored to provide each employee’s key information and self-service activities. It includes an overview of leave balances, time-tracking, absentees, company newcomers, a consolidated calendar, and birthdays.

  • The Centralized Database provides a holistic view of your organization and enables seamless team set-up and employee data management.

  • Comprehensive Profiles are designed for keeping track of employee records, with their personal and career data.


  • The Requisition to Recruitment feature covers the end-to-end hiring journey. It enables to fulfill new employee requests through an internal reassignment or a new hire. Companies are free to customize their own approval flows for each position.

  • The Applicant Tracking System can be adapted to any hiring flow. It enables every position hiring to have its individual flow with the relevant stages and involved associates The Timeline Tracking and Notification settings are designed to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure a dynamic hiring process.

  • The correspondence with the candidates and calendar invitations can be fully arranged from Raiser via  integrations with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Calendar.

Leave Management and Time Tracking

With Raiser, requesting and approving time off is easy—whether it’s holidays, sick days, vacation days, or parental leave. Employees can make requests, and managers can approve them with just a few clicks. Raiser automatically calculates vacation days and shows all employees their time off balances.

  • The Leaves Calendar provides a holistic view of employees’ availability and ensures there are no critical absence overlaps within the team. Managers are instantly notified of pending requests in the notification center and are able to customize time-off accumulations, carry-overs, calculations, and company-specific time of types according to their company’s preferences and location-based regulations.

  • Time-Tracking  is an optional feature to be used or opted-out of by organizations depending on their preferences and policies. It can be easily integrated with the Work module to automate time sheet generation.

Resource Planning

  • The Projects Catalog provides a high-level view of the current company projects with information on each project’s duration, team composition, staff availability, historical data, etc.

  • The Load Planner feature simplifies project allocation planning by providing a real-time snapshot assessment of team load. Together with the Hire Module, it’s an indispensable tool for resource planning and decision-making.

Reports and Analytics

Raiser’s Reporting and Analytics consists of standardized reports to ensure regular operation tracking and data-driven decision making. Raiser is integrated with Microsoft Power BI, which enables the utilization of our database at scale with custom dashboards and reports.

Set-Up & Configurations

This is where companies start their journey with Raiser. In the Cockpit Module, users are able to customize the tool to tailor-fit their companies’ needs.

Raiser Mobile

The mobile app is designed to mirror the Core HR functionalities which means that employees can perform all the necessary requests on the go, and managers can stay informed and up-to-date in real time, wherever they are.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized management of employee multi-layered data
  • Automated company workflows and approval processes
  • Comprehensive Employee Self-Service
  • Seamless talent acquisition and recruitment pipelines
  • Right metrics and management reports
  • Role-based permissions and access management
  • Multi-tenant and multi-location company structure
  • Mobile app with built-in core ESS features.

What Our Clients Say

“We’ve been using VOLO’s HRMS tool for more than one year. This rigorous platform allows us to manage HR management related activities in one board review and makes them easier.”

Narine Aghasaryan HR Manager at Armenian Caritas

“We’ve been using VOLO’s HRMS software in Armenia since 2021. The product is user-friendly and very reliable. The team is very responsive - one of my favorite aspects of VOLO’s HR software is their super supportive team.”

Ani Amaryan HR Manager at

“We chose VOLO’s HRMS solution because it is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use HR tool. It helps us manage all our HR processes in one platform.”

Emma Margaryan HR Manager at Earlyone


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