Finance in Motion:

Automating Internal Business Operations to Foster Efficiency

  • Client:Finance in Motion
  • Client Location:Germany
  • Project Duration:September 2020 - ongoing
  • Team Size:5
  • Teach Stack:NET 5, Angular 12, MS SQL, Active Reports

The Challenge

The finance industry is notoriously complex and always in need of simplifying as many of its operations and activities as possible. Our client, Finance in Motion, carries out multifaceted functions and projects in developing countries with the purpose of raising funds and contributing to social and environmental development. The scope of these projects varies from microfinance and small business development to energy and resource efficiency, biodiversity conservation, and climate action.

Aside from funding and managing these projects, Finance in Motion also provides the needed technical infrastructure to establish smooth and seamless processes. The company’s line of work covers the following areas:

  • Investment management
  • Technical assistance
  • Risk management
  • Impact and sustainability
  • Sector specialization (green finance and micro & small business finance)
  • General fund services
  • Regional market presence (Southeast Europe, the European Eastern
  • Neighborhood Region, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa).

To effectively manage their operations, the company needed better software solutions than it had relied on previously. The operations executed by the different departments of Finance in Motion were essentially slowed down because their legacy systems were no longer sufficient in terms of functionality and performance.

Having to rely on excel sheets artificially increased the manual work load and consumed time that could otherwise be used more efficiently. Finance in Motion needed a software partner that would help them overcome these challenges, and they chose VOLO to help them with their digital transformation efforts.

The Solution

Our team developed 2 Business Process Automation applications for Finance in Motion. One of the apps was rewritten based on a legacy solution the company had previously relied on. We developed this app using a completely new tech stack and at the same time improved its functionality. The second application was developed from scratch.

Finance in Motion

Project 1

The first project was developed for task automation purposes of the Fund Operations department and was completed within an 8-month period.

Key features and functionality:

  • Fund Management
  • Investor Management
  • Commitments
  • Subscriptions
  • Undertakings
  • Net Asset Values
  • Transactions
  • Reference Rates
  • Exchange Rates

Project 2

The second application, which was a cross-departmental project, was developed in 5 months, and we are currently in the post-live support process.

Key features and functionality:

  • Implementing parties
  • Projects
  • Transactions
  • Reporting

Overall, we have provided the following services to the company throughout our ongoing collaboration:

  • UI automation framework
  • Additional assistance and knowledge sharing with the client’s in-house development team regarding the adaptation to new technologies.

The team consisted of the following specialists:

  • Backend and frontend developers
  • QA specialists
  • DevOps on request

One of our client’s requirements was that a budget and deadline be determined in advance, before the start of the project development. This was quite challenging, given the scope and complexity of the projects. Nevertheless, our team was able to produce an accurate estimate and work within tight deadlines to deliver the projects successfully.

We are currently in the midst of discussions with Finance in Motion regarding the development of a 3rd project. The continuity of our collaboration is testament to the quality of the services delivered and the mutually acquired trust.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use
  • Custom-tailored to the company’s internal needs
  • Integration of newer technologies to ensure a better business process performance
  • Improved deployment pipeline
  • Enhanced accuracy and transparency
  • Automated and streamlined business processes
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