DevOps &
Cloud Enablement

VOLO DevOps - Enabling Reduced Time-to-Value through Greater Business Velocity

Managing an in-house DevOps team is a difficult endeavor. This is why our DevOps services are designed to assist you at every stage. Covering the entire application lifecycle, they are suitable for any software solution, from customer-facing systems to large-scale, sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Safety & Security

We ensure your safe and risk-free transition to the cloud.

Transparent Collaboration

Our success lies in our uncompromising transparency and in our unrelenting objective to act in your best interest.


We are always one step ahead, with your business strategy in mind.

Data-Driven Approach

We help you move faster and better by using data and insights to drive continuous improvement in your business.

Our DevOps Values - We Help You Perform at the Speed Your Business Demands

Enable shorter release cycles, faster infrastructure changes, as well as faster development and testing.
Reduce the human factor from routine tasks through the automation of complex processes.
Visibility & Control
Cut costs and increase resource ownership transparency.
Achieve seamless process through portability and automation.
Save time and money through efficient resource allocation.

VOLO Cloud Enablement - Setting You up for Cloud Readiness

Push your business agility and growth to the next level with our holistic approach to Cloud Enablement. From cloud migration to consulting, we work with you to help you make the most of cloud and fully capitalize on its promise.

    • Cloud Strategy Design
    • Identify business goals
    • Identify cloud implementation goals
    • Determine cloud implementation approach
    • Full-Scale Implementation, Knowledge Transfer, & Support
    • Design deployment and select services
    • Identify the required Azure subscriptions
    • Establish governance practices
    • Design and configure networking
    • Focus on Cloud-Native
    • Identify business goalss
    • Identify cloud implementation goals
    • Determine cloud implementation approach

Unlock Your Cloud Potential with
Our Comprehensive Cloud Transformation Services

  • Infrastructure Automation

    • Modernization of legacy infrastructure
    • Removing friction
    • Customer-tailored technical consulting
    • Seamless implementation
  • Cloud-Native Adoption

    • Evaluating business goals and defining desired outcomes
    • Rationalizing digital estate
    • Designing the technical roadmap – rehost, refactor, rearchitect
    • Technical briefing, assessment, proof of concept, and implementation
  • Containerization & Orchestration

    • Discovery and design
    • Azure Kubernetes Service deployment
    • Pilot app deployment
    • Project summary, documentation, and handoff
  • Infrastructure-as-Code

    • Resource pooling
    • Software-defined intelligence
    • Unified API to automate deployment cycles
  • Monitoring & Operations Management

    • 24/7 real-time monitoring of connected event sources
    • Proactive infrastructure monitoring, alerting, and maintenance
    • Insights via dashboards and reports
    • Workflow setup and management
    • Performance recommendation and optimizations based on insights
  • Cloud-Native Adoption

    • Certified cloud professionals with broad expertise
    • Comprehensive support at each stage of your client journey

24/7 NOC Monitoring and Operations Management

Focus on your organization’s growth and innovation instead of the daily maintenance of your IT systems. We offer 24/7 outsourced Network Operations Center services to give you the network and monitoring support you require. We securely and seamlessly connect to your IT infrastructure to provide the most sophisticated event detection and efficient workflow management.

Transform your business with VOLO

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