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Cyber-attacks are one of the greatest threats to modern organizations. Recovery from these attacks is slow and expensive, so you need a technology partner to help you cover all your bases. We take security seriously and have a separate division dedicated solely to secure delivery. Contra is Volo's global cybersecurity boutique armed with leading talent who have stopped major attacks on leading global players, preventing operational halt and lost revenue.

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Security Audit and Assessment

Security Audit and Assessment

A comprehensive view of your IT assets is the fundamental first step to security. We perform an initial Security Audit and Assessment for a comprehensive analysis of your full infrastructure and environment and their potential weak spots. As a result of our assessment, we

  • Perform a Penetration Test to discover potential system vulnerabilities
  • Identify risks, exposures, and security issues
  • Produce a report with recommended strategic options for fortifying your security program

Security Advisory and Consulting

The aim of our Advisory and Consulting services is to build our partners’ security capabilities by developing robust cybersecurity frameworks and finding the right balance between risks, policies, and controls. We use our experience, expertise, and proven processes and methodologies to help companies in the following areas:
Identity and Access Management
  • ACL management
  • User rights management
  • Password policy setup and management
  • Email policy
  • Remote access policy
Security Awareness Training
  • Privacy
  • Phishing
  • Passwords policy
  • Cyber hygiene
  • VPN & teleworking
  • Asset management
  • GDPR recommended practices
Security Program Development
  • Asset management
  • Patch management
  • Threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Disaster recovery program
  • Backup/restore policy

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

A company is never invincible to cyber threats, no matter its level of security. While in many cases cyber-attacks are minute annoyances, in others, they can bring your operations to a halt. Thus, you have to be prepared to respond effectively and immediately.

Our Incident Response and Disaster Recovery services are aimed at responding to cyber incidents and remediating your environment quickly and effectively so that you can get back to business.

With an experience of battling hundreds of security breach attempts, we will work with you through each stage of security compromise incidents: from impact analysis to response planning and mitigation to disaster recovery.

Managed Detection and Response

Technology alone isn’t enough to prevent and fight cyber threats. This is why we combine technology and our decade-old expertise of fighting cybercrime for your optimal security positioning.

For your complete peace of mind, our MDR services are designed to boost your security capabilities through
24/7/365 SOC/NOC monitoring and incident detection.

Managed Detection and Response

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