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Maximizing ROI: How IT Advisory Services Drive Business Growth

16 Feb 2024

IT Advisory

If there is a will, there is a way. It is not a question of if you will take your business to success but how. One of the core drivers of success is proper software & tech, optimized processes, and a pleasant user experience. An IT advisory consultation is the sure way to get your business on the right track with the correct tools to maximize profits and ease your company’s growth. 

According to Deloitte’s industry research, only about a third of businesses are aligning their technology strategy with their enterprise business goals. Defining a roadmap for new technologies to adapt is not enough, it has to match your business growth goals. 

What is IT Advisory?

Just like any other consultation, an IT advisory reviews your company’s current state, where it wants to progress to, and offers viable solutions. A clear business plan is needed to know what IT advice to give in order to reach your goals – IT advisory can’t be done with no clearly defined goal. 

To know what Return on Investment to expect from hiring an IT advisory company, it is important to have set up KPIs, growth plans, and measurable goals. With these in place, a proper assessment can be made of your business’s current trajectory with the current IT systems. 

What Does IT Advisory Consulting Look Like?

After assessing your company’s current processes and systems, an IT advisory consultant will research and advise what best business practices are done in the industry that can yield promising results. Various aspects of your business are assessed and a proposal is written based on what can benefit the most from digital transformations, updates, and restructuring. 

What type of IT consulting to expect:

   - A Business Analysis traces the road map to success. After vigorous research and discussions with stakeholders, specific and actionable solutions can be drawn up to validate investing your resources in a project. 

   - Tech Stack and Infrastructure Consulting will save you precious resources by investing in the proper technologies for your business, right from the start.

   - Cloud Management is not as simple as you imagine. While cloud migration is the future of enabling your business to scale, there are many approaches to weigh before going forward.

   - A UI/UX Redesign can be necessary with the adaptation of new technologies. This will lead to simpler workflows and keep your users happy. 

   - Quality Assurance Consulting may be needed if you are at the end of the road in the software development journey but just can’t tie up loose ends. Reevaluating your QA processes can have a significant impact on deliverability. 

Consultation from an IT Advisory Company vs In-House

While software developers have great knowledge of their software language and architecture, they are generally not as knowledgeable in best business practices, the IT world as a whole, and conducting market research. A professional IT consulting company specializes in advising companies on not just what software to adopt, but overall strategies that allow you to best implement changes. The IT advisory consultant has no other intentions other than providing you with insight so you can make an informed decision.

IT Consultancy

How Does Implementing the Advice of an IT Consultation Company Yield Greater ROI?

You don’t want your business to fall behind. According to Accenture’s 2021 research on enterprise technologies, the top 10% percentile of new technology adapters saw 5 times the growth of the bottom 25% of laggards who took longer to adopt. 

Large enterprises are not the only ones benefiting from well-researched tech adoption. Almost one-third of small businesses (29%) plan to hire an IT consultant to meet the demands of a digital environment, according to a Clutch study in 2021. 

With a better set of data and KPIs, it is easier to assess the ROI of getting an IT consultation. For an initial payment, your company can see a decrease in operating costs, more efficient processes saving time and energy, as well as a happier user base that will be more satisfied with your digital product. 

Better Data

Data is the future of any industry. As methods of tracking and analyzing data grow, your company will get amazing insight into how effective your approaches are, how your customers are interacting with your company, and be able to better predict future trends. 

With all of this new information, changes can be made to improve processes, the effectiveness of strategies can be better evaluated, and more knowledge about customer behavior will allow for better targeting. The more data you have, the better you can check how efficient and effective your company is running. 

Efficient Workflow

With proper IT advisory consulting, an outdated structure can be transformed into a solid roadmap with new integrated technologies and workflows that benefit everyone. A new backend and tech stack can make work processes much more automated, faster, and more efficient. Sometimes what holds back different tasks from being more efficient is not an issue in interface but the technological gap of having different outdated software that is not in sync. 

A more holistic software system with everything integrated keeps you, your staff, and end users happy when everything is in one place and organized. This saves your staff time and energy that could go towards more productive work, lessens the chance of mistakes, and keeps everyone happy. 

Long-Term Strategic Planning

What better way to predict revenue and costs than with strategic planning with an IT advisory company? With their knowledge of technology trends, they can advise on which tech stacks will yield long-term solutions, which will need to be updated, and which upcoming technologies to be on the lookout for. Having a better idea of what lies ahead in the future lets you move on from software that is coming to an end and avoid trendy tech that would not deliver the results you are looking for. Some of the biggest costs your business can face are not the running cost but of making costly investments in poor software. It is always better to check with IT Advisory specialists before moving on to software development. 

More Easily Marketable

Everyone loves a company that utilizes the best tech stacks effectively. Investors have more confidence in operational quality, staff enjoy working with dependable software that is going to make their job easier, and end users embrace the ever-evolving digital world. 

With better software and a strategy to best utilize it, you will attract better investment, staff, and users, earning you money across the board. 

Parting Thoughts

Utilizing an IT advisory service is one of the most cost-effective ways to determine what direction your company should take in adopting and updating its tech stack. As everything is becoming digitized, the technology you choose to incorporate into your business will have a significant impact on your finances, regardless of industry. 

IT Consulting

Measuring the impact of a better technology stack is not only possible because newer solutions offer better data insight, but can be seen from happier investors, a more efficient work process, and more satisfied user experiences. 

Making changes or updates to your tech stack is one of the most significant choices to make in your company. Make sure you have an unbiased team of professionals to give you the data and insights needed to make a valid decision.

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