An ML-Driven Smart Elevator System

with Facial Recognition

  • Client Location: Armenia
  • Teach Stack: C++, OpenCV, Dlib, MySQL, Qt

In 2016, while on a trip to Tokyo, Volo realized the business potential that a smart elevator system could offer. By using facial recognition in elevators, companies like hotels, airline lounges, and private clubs could dramatically improve their service offerings.


The prospect of linking smart elevators that recognize individuals before their arrival at a given venue and the advantages it could have to the service industry – private clubs, VIP lounges, five-star hotels – inspired Volo to create a complex, machine learning-based system that recognizes people and notifies service providers of their arrival ahead of time.

To bring the prototype of the smart elevator to life, Volo took machine-learning-driven facial recognition and combined it with service modules that could demonstrate the smart elevator’s great commercial potential. To create the facial recognition system, Volo customized and radically improved an advanced set of facial recognition algorithms and set up a machine learning platform for an immediate and highly accurate facial recognition process.

Such sophisticated integrations of AI into various industries are making it easier for Volo’s clients to gain significant advantage over their competitors and become the trendsetters of the next digital decade.

Hot features of smart elevator

Volo’s smart elevator sports such features as:


A smart facial recognition system that identifies the visitor and offers predefined information


Learning and increasing the accuracy of facial recognition by using deep learning technology


Recognizing unknown people as such and notifying the security operator to assign an identity to them

Key Benefits

  • Improved security with smart detection and computer vision
  • Personalized service approach thanks to facial recognition features
  • Real time passenger tracking and reporting
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