Building an Advanced Air Quality

Monitoring Mobile App for the Healthcare Industry

  • Client Location:USA
  • Project Duration:2018 (5-6 months)
  • Team Size:7
  • Teach Stack: Android - Java, RxJAva iOS – Swift (VIPER), AWS Services and Serverless Coputing, Node.js, NoSQL Database, API Gateway )

The Challenge

In the ever-evolving consumer healthcare market, the need for constant improvement of quality and efficiency is generating a wave of innovative products and solutions.

Our client – a Fortune 200 company and a global leader in supplying engineering and technology solutions – was seeking to create their next healthcare solution designed for improving quality of life for clients worldwide.

The idea was to create an air quality monitoring mobile application to run on wearable devices in order to enable users to gain control over their health by tracking the quality of the air they breathe in. The app will notify its users when they are exposed to dangerous levels of pollution, as well as track their total exposure over time and location. The app would also act as an access to enable the updating of the firmware on the wearable sensors.

The Solution

In just 3.5 months we delivered the air quality-monitoring app for iOS and Android along with creating its cloud structure and data backup.

The app connects client-produced hardware device sensors and boards via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to receive and monitor sensors data. Moreover, it allows users to see diagrams of historical measurements on Map locations, as well as the last taken measurements of other users via Network Map.

In meeting precise specifications provided by the Client, we built an inclusive set of core features for the app, such as:

  • Option for creating a list of other users with whom the app user would prefer to share app information
  • Sensors and alarms with adjustable threshold
  • An operative dashboard demonstrating the latest measurements for each sensor, the location, and the time it was taken
  • A Health Diagnostics showing calculations of each sensor based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria
  • A Historical Map showing the historical data of the sensor, using Mapbox services
  • A Network Map showing other users’ last measurements of the air quality and their location within the past 24 hours
  • Cloud connectivity with an on/off automatic cloud synchronization and frequency defined by the user

Key Benefits

  • Round-the-clock air quality monitoring
  • Enabling users to decreased exposure to polluted air
  • Availability on wearable devices
  • Simple and intuitive design
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