A Cloud-Based Track & Trace System

for Better Asset Management

  • Client Location: USA
  • Project Duration: 2018 (5-6 months)
  • Team Size: 7
  • Teach Stack: Android - Java, RxJAva iOS – Swift (VIPER), AWS Services and Serverless Coputing, Node.js, NoSQL Database, API Gateway )

The Challenge

From agriculture to transportation, Internet of Things is changing the world by making almost every device, appliance, and function more and more digital.

For industry leaders seeking to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly data-driven world, leveraging the opportunity of IoT connectivity is imperative. With an ability not only to monitor, but also draw deep insight from a myriad of Cloud and/or Edge-connected sensors, tomorrow’s innovators are building their capacity today.

In 2017, a Fortune 200 hardware manufacturer was on the lookout for an innovative new way of helping its customers stay on top of their perishable assets that were being transported around the world.

J Track

The Solution

Within a few short months, Volo developed a Cloud-based track and trace system that enables users not only to understand the real-time environment of their products in terms of temperature and humidity, but also track their movement over time and trace how the environment changes during those movements.

What Volo built is enabling our client to take asset management to a completely new level by allowing them to track and trace in-transit merchandise anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Enhanced product safety thanks to the regular updates on the environmental changes
  • Increased product longevity
  • Easier maintenance management and scheduling
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